Be the light you are looking for 

Very often we hear people saying ” I cannot say this…I cannot do that.” etc. But the fact is that we CAN do them but we WILL NOT do…because we are scared. We are not scared of saying things, or doing them…What we are actually afraid of is facing the consequences that we think they will procure taking our past experiences as a sphere of reference. 
They are a lot like acquired reflexes. For instance, if you show an injection to a kid who has never felt a needle before, he will not react at all, but if that same needle is kept in front of a kid who has felt it’s pain, he will cry because he knows that it is going to hurt him. The problem is not with the needle. The problem begins when the needle pierces our skin. Similarly, some people like bitter gourd, some don’t. It really has nothing to do with the bitter gourd, the real issue is the sensation of taste we feel when we eat it. That’s what we like or hate, not the vegetable. 
So my point is, create a difference. You, yes you who is reading this at the moment, you can create that difference. Help people realise that not every experience is bound to be like the previous one… That not every individual is the same. Bring out the positivity in everything. Even if questions, words hurt you, don’t hurt the other person in return. Because if you do so, then where will be the difference between you and that person? Maybe that person was having a bad day, maybe things weren’t working out for him. We never know the struggles, the innumerable dilemmas and hidden fears that one face all day round. So if someone hurts you, know this that he could not control his emotions anymore. Don’t hold any grudge against him. Know this that he did not do it purposefully, that he had no such intentions in mind, it was spontaneous.
Something that we lack in today’s world is a genuine person. Be that genuine person, that idol, that inspiration you are looking for. Share happiness, spread love, induce positivity, encourage kindness, conquer negativity, respect every individual, understand those unspoken pleas and grievances their eyes reflect. Cause your small effort today can bring about a great change tomorrow—- that change that both you and I dream of.


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