Life – In My Eyes

What is life if not pain?
Where there is no sunshine just gallons of rain ?
Humiliation at every step, the whip hitting your back.
And torment as though you are on the rack.

You cannot shout, you cannot scream.
You cannot say,”let me live,I have a dream.”
They find faults at everything you do.
And then comes the thrashing- sometimes one, sometimes two.

“You won’t be able to do anything in life”,is what they say.
And the mental torment continues both night and day.
Some say it’s karma, others say,” it’s for your benefit”,
If it is so, I don’t want this anymore, I quit.

I quit this game of hide and seek,
Where strong pretends hide behind reality weak.
Where slaves are bought and slaves are sold,
And curses are hurled at them to prove they are not gold.
This is life, my friend, if not yours… Mine… Yes.

And how I pass each day is something you will never be able to guess.
And promise me this, a promise I request you to keep….
Take me to a vet and put me to sleep.

Waiting for a better tomorrow…